Sunday, February 19, 2012

Small Successes

Today was filled with small successes. I am learning to take the joy from the small things in every day. Shall I list my accomplishments of the day? Cleaned the house (thanks hubby and little man), finished my 4th grad class(only 6 to go), made a ton of baby food (the baby will not go hungry), started a house search(this may take a while, but we have started), and started shopping for upcoming vacation (can't wait!). Tomorrow I look forward to a day off work with plans to play with the boys and take a nap. Ai interesting thought from a five year old: 'E' never wanted to eat meat, until we told him he would be short (5ft) like mommy and he wanted to be tall like daddy(6ft 2in) if he didn't eat meat. So, he took this information and ran with it. When we saw a little person he says (way to loud for my comfort) "Look mommy that lady didn't eat her meat when she was a kid. She is LITTLE!"

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