Sunday, March 31, 2013


K wakes ready to play
K and Mommy cuddle in the chair until everyone else wakes up

Q wakes up
K wants nothing to do with mommy now
Q and K cuddle in the chair now
Mommy does laundry and cleans

Make chocolate croissants for breakfast

Boys wake up Daddy for breakfast

Shower and baths

Egg hunt in the backyard (K was more interested in the slide)

Town to finish Easter activities

Lunch with Memaw, Uncle Jeremy, and Uncle Jason

Clean the kitchen

Easter egg hunt at Memaw's (K figured it out this time)

Played outside

Hang out with Memaw on the swings

Head home for a late nap and a good Easter book

Saturday, March 30, 2013


I love traditions!

These are where memories are made.

Tonight as we decorated our Easter Eggs, I watched my two boys and husband have fun. I realized I am behind the one behind the scenes, but it allows me the chance to sit back and watch. Take it all in and get the pictures.

I am the keeper of the memories.

I would not trade this for the world! We are blessed that we get to do these activities!

Friday, March 29, 2013


After a year of Quentin being sick monthly and getting nowhere with the doctor, we went to a new doctor. Immediately, the Dr made us feel comfortable and heard. He sat down, wrote notes asked a million questions, and just listened.

Before we left he explained his thought process and the tests he as going to run. Then answered any new questions we had. The biggest thing was he made it clear he was going to get to the bottom of this.

We walked out of the office with a list of tests to be ran, a timeline for results and hopefully the answers.

Thursday, March 28, 2013

It's hard to say....

There are times when something needs to say, but it is too difficult to say. As time has gone words have been formulating in my mind and heart for minutes, hours, days, months, years.

There was never the right time to say those words.

There was never the place to say those words.

There was never the courage to say those words.

Once the time comes around, it has to be said.

Where did I find the courage, strength, motivation to share those words?

That is when the pit in my stomach forms and takes the place of those words that were so hard to say.

Wednesday, March 27, 2013

My Boys

     From day one my boys were totally different

Q's delivery was long and hard; K was here before we knew it

Q was a health baby; K had several illnesses and complications in the first 3 months of his life

Q came out with very little red hair; K had a ton of dark hair

Q slept through the night right away; K took 19 months to sleep through the night

Q took 12 months to walk; K was off an running in 10 months

Q talks our ear off; K is still quiet (22 months)

Q is a sweet loveable baby; K is Mr.Independent

Q is a picky eater; K will eat about anything

Quentin at 6 months
Keagan at 6 months

I love both of their personalities no matter how different they are.
I can't wait to see who they grow up to be!

Monday, March 25, 2013


Silly Faces

Sad Face
Always full of smiles


Always full of silly faces

Thinking man

Curiosity: You are always full of why
Love: You are always willing to give a good hug
Memaw: Your favorite person in the world
Smart: You can outsmart mommy and daddy
Memory: You have the ability to remember everything
Sarcasm: How do you have this ability at such a young age
Twins:  You are your dad's mini me, in every way
Artist: You create the most amazing creations out of anything
Habits: Your worst habit is biting your nails
Chef: You are a fantastic peanut butter sandwich maker
Brother: You are protective of your little brother
School:  You are upset anytime you have to miss a day
Joker: You are always trying to tell a joke
Ears: You turn your off
Sports: You love to watch basketball and football
Music: You can sing along with about any song
Dancer: You are a great dancer
Caring: You worry about others
Security: You love your Monkey and Blanky
Chatter: This is not talking about your teeth

Five Reasons I Fell In Love With My Husband

After being married for nearly ten years, it is important to remember how we got where we are.

1. Your crazy humor: Some how you had the ability to make me laugh when things got rough

2. Your ability to make me feel at home: When my parents moved, when I was in college, I felt I didn't have a "home" anymore. You made sure I had a place to call "home"

3. You always challenge me to see the world differently: You have a different view of the world.

4. You are honest even if I don't want to hear it: You tell me how it is even when it is hard to see.

5. You want to do everything together: It is strange to go grocery shopping with you.  We do the most mundane things together.

I love you!

Sunday, March 24, 2013


       After 3 days of feeling awful, Q was ready to play.  His first choice was Play-Doh.  This created great excitement between the boys.  We don't get the Play-Doh out very often, but when we do it is great fun and mess.  They have so many choices of tools that I am jealous I never got to play like that as a kid.
      Today we had pizza, ice cream sundae, worms, spaghetti, a blob, balls, monsters with crazy hair, and hearts all made out of Play-Doh.  I am always amazed that they can look at this ball of color and create the greatest things out of it. 
       I provided pictures of the boys playing, but please ignore the ribs sticking out on Q.  He has not eaten but a few bites over the last few days. 

Q whipping up a delicious pizza
K creating the most wonderful "something"

Saturday, March 23, 2013

Really? I read that?

Sometimes I find myself reading random junk. My favorite place to read random, yet funny junk is The Onion at

The most recent story that left me wondering why I kept reading.,2789/

I just wanted to share a favorite of mine.

Did I really do that?

      As a kid, I collected all sorts of things.  When I got older, I swore I would NEVER collect anything!  Even when my mother in law would continuously ask me what I was collecting, so she could add to the collection I would stand my ground that I would NEVER collect anything.  I didn't want to clutter my house with "junk". 
   Well, about a year ago I got caught up in creating a collection.  When I was out shopping by myself I came across a cute little cookie jar.  I just could not resist.  It would look perfect on my kitchen table as the centerpiece along with matching place mats.  Unknown to me, this would be the start of a collection.  I thought for sure my husband would roll his eyes, but he embraced the idea.  He has even started looking for cookie jars to add to my collection. 
    My goal a new cookie jar for each holiday/ season.  It is a lot of fun looking for the jars and matching placemats.
    Now do NOT tell my mother in law.  She will fill my house with every cookie jar she can find rather than the cutest ones find.  But if you do come across a cute spring, turkey, or summer cookie jar, please share.

Valentine's Cupcake

4t of July Canister

Christmas and January Snowman

Easter Bunny

Fall Pumpkin

Thursday, March 21, 2013

Things that make me go hmmm......

What are the things that make you go hmmm...?

* Why does a bottled water have an expiration date?
* Why is it okay to be a Daddy's little girl, but everyone frowns on a Momma's boy?
* Why do we keep changing video devices? VHS, DVD, Blueray
* If you are trying to save money, why do you buy DVDs or books about saving money?
* How do people love running?

Just a few random thoughts. If you have the answer, please explain.

Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Sweetest Boy Ever

      Let me start out by saying, I have the SWEETEST son ever!
     Every Wednesday our students come to school later, so the teachers can have professional development time.  During this time my kindergarten son, Q stays in my room to color, play on the computer, or read. 
     Each Wednesday when I walk in my room laying on my desk is a note from Q.  They make me smile every time.  After I enjoy them for the day, I hang it on my wall to enjoy every other day.  On the hard days, all I have to do is glance at his note and it brings a smile to my face.  
     At the end of the year, I will keep all these notes to remember these sweet moments.  I told my husband a few weeks ago, I should keep them all to remind the teenage Q that he really did love mommy at one point.   
This weeks sweet note

Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Only child again

     Tonight K spent the night with Memaw, while Q got all of mommy and daddy's attention.  He was happy to be the only child once again. Q understands the joys of being the one and only, after spending four years as an only child. When K came along he was excited to be a big brother, but on the rare chance to get all the attention he is more than happy.
     At dinner Q dominated the conversations, he cleaned the table with out any reminders, took his shower with a smile on his face, cuddled with mommy, ran around the house with daddy, wrestled with daddy, read to mommy, and entrained his captive audience all evening.
     In the end, Q missed his little bubba and we had to FaceTime K.  The two boys spend their time on the phone making faces at each other and giggling.   I hope their relationships continues to grow as it is now.

     Side note:  Q, daddy, and I filled out our NCAA brackets tonight. We made a friendly wager that who ever wins gets to pick a place to eat one night. Here is hoping I have beginners luck, so we will be eating Chinese.

Monday, March 18, 2013

Feeling like a kid again

     Today I felt like a kid again.

      We had another snow day (slick road day). When we got the call,  I was already at my moms to drop K off.  So, we decided to stay to hang out with Memaw for awhile.

      Memaw took me back to my childhood with special snow day pancakes and hot chocolate. We had a great time sharing this tradition with my boys.

      Thanks mom for reminding me of the great memories we had from snow days.  Now we have an old tradition to pass on to my boys.

Sunday, March 17, 2013

My Lists....

Here are my loves and those things I don't love, leaving out the obvious loves of my life.

Love List
1. Cheese cake: Nothing special, just good ol' plain cheese cake
2. Bavarian Cream Donuts- I can't get enough of these
3. Books:  I always have one with me.  The kindle app has saved my back, I no longer have to carry a big  
       book around.  Thank You Kindle!
4. Lazy Days with the family:  This is when the memories are made
5. Baking:  I am not the best baker, but I love to experiment with recipes.  I joke that I am going to open a  
       bakery, but secretly this is my dream.
6. Swing by the lake:  I like to go hid out at my mom's on her swing by the lake.  It is beautiful no matter
       what time of year or day. 
7. Sharing memories with friends:  I love to hear stories from friends.  They are a great way to get to know
8. Mail: Maybe I am old fashion, but I love to open the mail box and find a real letter written to me.  Such a
      great connection between two people.
9. My Snuggie: Yes, I have a Snuggie.  It is amazing! It's a blanket with sleeves. Need I say more?
10. Guilty Pleasure TV: I get swept up by a good train wreck on TV.

Hate List (I don't like the word hate, but it is the best word to describe this list)
1. Birds: Do I really need to explain this?  A friend of a friend has said, "Birds are rats with wings."  So true!
2. Odd numbers: Yes I said it. I hate when my husband turns the TV volume to an odd number, he thinks it
      is funny.
3. Laundry:  Is there an end to the madness?
4. Loud crunchy foods: I actually get up to move when somebody is chewing gets to me.
5. Public Speaking: Yes, I am a teacher.  It is different when you talk to kids than it is talking to adults. Ask
       any of my co-workers, they call tell you what a disaster it is to get my in front of a group of adults.
6. Bland food: If you work closely with me, you have heard my bland food stories.  My husband does not
       much so we eat a lot of the same food each week.  This gets old!  I call his food bland, because I
       believe he does not like flavor.
7. Judgement:  Seriously, why do we bother?  If people are happy, lets be happy for them.
8. Slow driver:  It is okay if you are going to drive slow, but don't rush out in front of me then go slow.
9. Loud Clicky Heels:  Do my shoes really have to announce I am coming.  I am self conscience when I
       wear them.
10. Nail biting:  The sound and sight makes me cringe

Saturday, March 16, 2013

How did I forget to have fun?

   How does a person forget to have fun?   I realized last night after spending the evening at the school carnival working a booth with Q, that I have not just had fun in a long time.  Between work, cleaning, masters work, taking care of the boys, and everything else I have not just had good old fun! 
   After the carnival, Q and I sang and danced as we drove to get K.  On the way home, I think the boys were wondering what happened to mommy.  We laughed more last night than we have in a few months. 
   Then today we got up and went to the Community Easter Festival.  We enjoyed time with the Easter bunny, a bouncy house, and snacks.  Maybe the best part of the day was the time at the library.  We got to sit on the floor play and look through books.  We took the day to completely forget about work and cleaning.  It was amazing!
     The fun continued at home.  I am sorry that I have not had this much fun with the boys in so long.  There is no excuse for not giving them my full attention.  Now that my masters work is weeks from being complete, life can get back to fun.
     I love my boys and I hope to give them everything!
K, Q, and the Easter Bunny

    Cute K story
       As soon as we walked into the room, K wanted to go see the "ip op".  We stood in line for a few minutes only to get to the front with fear in his eyes.  K walked side ways never taking his eyes of the bunny to get away from the it afraid he would eat him.  It took big brother crawling on the bunny's lap for K to see the "ip op" was not going to eat him. 
      This story is definitely going in his story notebook. 

Thursday, March 14, 2013

What is better than a grandma?

      As the baby's yells 'Memaw' when he sees her house and the big one gets excited about spending time with his Memaw. I start to remember all those great memories of my own grandma.

      It is so hard to come up with one favorite memory of my grandma.  Unfortunately, I did not get a chance to get to know my Grandma Q, since she passed away when I was 5.  Although, my Grandma S did a great job taking on the role of two grandmas.

      A few of the crazy memories of Grandma S...
      When we spent the night at grandma and grandpa's house grandma would set up a table in the living room, pop us all popcorn (which we ate out of the same bowl), and played Uno.  Grandma was a pro at Uno.
      Grandma was diabetic and had to use syringe for her medicine.  Once she used her syringe, cleaned it, and broke the needle out she would fill it with water and squirt us from across the room.  I remember giggling with grandma as she taught me out to quietly fill the syringe and squirt grandpa without him ever knowing it was me.

       One summer, my brother and I spent the week with grandma.  After days of rain it finally stopped and she let us go out to play.  My brother and I decided to play in the muddy field beside the house.  After hours of playing grandma called us in for dinner.  When we got to the house, grandma stood there laughing at the two of us.  We were covered in mud and later she would tell us manure from the pigs.  This was one of grandma's favorite stories to tell. 

     Nothing beats a grandma's love!

Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Busy day

Change K's diaper
Comforted K back to sleep
Check on my little sick on Q
Back to sleep

Husband's work radio going off
2 hour delay
Check on Q

K wakes up
Change another diaper
Cuddle K (I really do love these moments, even if he woke me up)
Send hubby off to work

Q is awake with a temp of 102.4
Give Q medicine
Put Q back in bed
Feed K
Cuddle K again (I love it)
Lay K down for a short nap
Quickly get myself ready
Enjoy a cup of hot chocolate
Try to read from a fabulous book

K awake again
Bath and dress For K  (yes, that includes another diaper)

8:30 AM
Q wakes up
Convince Q to drink some juice
K decides he wants some grapes

Q lays on the couch watching cartoons
K is building blocks
Clean the kitchen counters
Clean kitchen cabinets
Clean the frig
Sweep the kitchen floors
Mop the floors
Pay bills
Change another diaper
Read a few books to the boys

Cuddle both the boys (best mommy moment of the day)

Fix lunch for the boys
Yippee! Q ate a little
Clean the kitchen up
Feeding the bottomless bit known as K, again.
Q gets his medicine again
Q's temp is at 100.2 (oh yeah,, it is going down)
Q lays down for a nap
Change the millionth diaper of the day
Put K down for his nap

Now what to do?  Should I read my fabulous book or get the computer to do some more work?

Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Through the eyes of a two year old....

     As a mom of a six year old and an almost two year old, I spend a good part of my day in awe of their imagination.
     Today was no different than any other, except I got to take half a day off work to spend with my boys.  Unfortunately, it was because one of them was sick.  Neverless, I loved these moments together. I had the chance to cuddle my six year old, who is growing out of the cuddling stage, and build blocks with the almost two year old.
    As I sat and watched, K my sweet little baby building his blocks, I could see that he was on a mission. He worked and worked to build the most astonishing creation his little imagination could create. He was totally lost in his world until he was finished and ran around the house with excitement to show off his creation. He was delighted to find our cat to show off his blocks.
      I love this about him, he is so excited about everything. I am not sure if it is so exciting because he is experiencing it for the first time or maybe everything really is that exciting and I have lost the excitement in my old age.
      K makes me wonder what it is to see the world from his perceptive.  Does he realize all that he can do? How does he see the world?

    I hope he never looses this excitement for life!

Monday, March 11, 2013

Tomorrow starts the next day of your life....

     I sat down here to slice today with no idea what to write about, then I heard this advice on the television.
     What does this really mean?  Of course tomorrow is the starts the next day of your life. The next will be the same. This is one of those sayings that always drove me crazy.
    Is there a saying out there that has drive your crazy?

Sunday, March 10, 2013


     In a house full of boys we have superhero cups, shirts, pjs, toys, pillows, blankets, you name it we have it in superhero version. We also all have a nemesis, mine happens to be the laundry.
    Nemesis: something a person cannot conquer or an opponent that a person cannot best or
  The laundry has gone from "something" I cannot conquer to an opponent that I will overcome. Every time I walk by the laundry room I can hear my nemesis taunting me, "You cannot beat me! I'll never go away! I have beaten you!"
 Someday, I will overcome you my nemesis! Someday!

Saturday, March 9, 2013


    Do you remember that favorite toy or blanket that made you feel safe, comfortable, and special?

    I remember my favorite stuffed animal, Mr. Teddy or Ted for short. He was my faithful companion when I went to grandma and grandpa's house or spent the night with Aunt Neecy. I was a homebody, but I always felt at home when I had Mr. Teddy by my side.
    Tonight, I asked Q what to write about and he told me to write about his Monkey.  Monkey would be his lovie. This got me thinking about Mr. Teddy. So, we went on an adventure of getting Faithful Mr. Teddy from his safe, secure, and comfortable place.  It was nice to be greeted by an old friend. Q wanted to hear all the stories about Mr.Teddy and hold him for a minute to check him out.

    I hope you have fond memories of your lovie that you can share with someone special.

Mr. Teddy

Friday, March 8, 2013

Snow Creation

       One reason I love snow, looking at the amazing creation kids make from the snow.  So, I was amazed to find this morning's greatest snow creation ever. The neighbor boy spent hours last night creating.  Last night, I watched him out the kitchen window while cooking dinner wondering what is going to come of this pile of snow.    
        Well, this morning, as I backed out of the driveway, I found his finial product.  A snow toilet. What creativity!!  How did he look at his front yard and think, "I could make a toilet"?  He even included amazing details, such as a handle, the seat, and lid. 

Snow toilet

Thursday, March 7, 2013

6 Year Old's Book Recommendation

   Since Q has entered kindergarten, we have read so many new books.   Q is starting to develop his own reading style.  We went from just grabbing whatever book on display at the library to looking for the "best" books. 
    On Tuesday, we made our weekly stop at the library to discover the new treasures they have to offer.  This time we spent the time looking for books by Mo Williams and Dr. Seuss.  The excitement on his face as we found a new book by Mo William was enough to get me excited.

  Here are a few recommendations from a six year old.

Great for a little giggle.

Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Snow Day!!!!

    When I got the call this morning that we had a snow day I felt like a kid!  As a teacher, I think I get just as excited for the unexpected day off.  Although, I was not quite as excited when K, the 22 month old, woke me up at 6:30.  I tried to get him to crawl in bed and go back to sleep, but he just wanted to jump on the bed and not sleep. 
    So, our day began at 6:45.  We had breakfast, showers, cleaned the house, and I finished my 10 page paper for my masters all before lunch.  I felt productive! Then came the relaxation and fun.
    K went off to a nap, while Q, daddy, and I watched some TV and napped.  Q then decided he wanted his Uncle Jas to come play in the snow and build a snowman (mommy is no good at building snowmen). Once the plans were made he couldn't wait to see his uncle.  We had to wait two hours before he was going to be here.  When Q heard the knock at the door, he was surprised to find his Memaw and Uncle Jeremy (Uncle Jas got held up with his puppy).  So, we all bundled up like the stay puff marshmallow man and ran outside for the fun.

K sledding down the giant mound of snow

Q crawling through the hole Uncle Jeremy dug in the
mound of snow

What is more fun than sledding?

Q wanted us to bury him in the snow

Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Vacation.....oh how I need one

    Today while working with a student on his slice we decided to both write about a vacation we have been on. So, I have decided to write about the family vacation we took with my husband's sister, brother, and their families.
    In the scorching heat this last summer, we decided to go on vacation at an amusement park.  Let me tell you, not the best idea we have ever had. We started the morning with both our boys, until my lovely brother could meet us to take the baby (then just 1 year old) to a cooler quieter place for the afternoon. While they had some great nephew and uncle bonding time, we melted away in the sun.
    There were many great memories created that day, as the cousins spent time together and the aunts and uncles spoiled each other's kids.  I got the chance to hang out at the watermark with my 5 year old son, 8 year old niece, and 4 year old nephew. We had a blast, while the "big" kids got to play together. At one point, my medically trained sister-in-law was ready to take me to the park medics, due to my newly acquired green complexion from the 108 degree weather.
    In the end we had a blast and made plans to make it a yearly tradition, just earlier in the summer as to not melt.

Three of the five red heads in the family. Q is on the left. 
He is the only one that belongs to me.

They look like brothers.  Q is on the left.

Q convinced Daddy and Aunt Leia to go for a ride

K hanging out with Aunt Lisa

Monday, March 4, 2013

Third Day Slump

    Today is my third slice and the hardest.   I have sat here with my students as they write and I have writer's block with them. I was able to give the students several ideas, but I am drawing a blank for my own writing.
    So, I will create a list of ideas for the next time I am stuck.
Master work
K following Q
Persuasive Letters
Q summer plans

I am sure there are more to write about, but I can't think any now.

Sunday, March 3, 2013

A Weekend of Firsts

     I am hoping this month will not be all about first for the family, but we are at that time in life where they are happening a lot.
    Last night, my little guy, got to sleep in this toddler bed for the first time.  To get to this point, I had a first.  Our crib was one of those convert to anything you can image, here is hoping we can make it a college tuition when the time comes.  So, it was my job to convert the crib into a toddler bed.  This was my first!  I am never the one who builds or fixes anything in this house.
    To begin my job, I made sure I had the manufacturer's directions, my iPad for YouTube directions, the right tools, all the parts, and a good sense of humor.  The most important tool I took into the room with me was the sense of humor!  It took me over an hour to take one side rail off and put on a safety rail.  I am sure my husband would have done it in 5 minutes, but it was my first.  In the end, it took me moving the base of the bed three times before I realized I never had to more it.  
   When it was time for little K to check out his new bed, he was pleasantly surprised he was free to get out as he wanted.
                  The great news was the bed was still in one piece this morning.

Saturday, March 2, 2013

Oh no......

     All day yesterday, I thought about "Slice of Life". Then I got home and forgot to blog. I am disappointed in myself.  I made it all month last year not missing a day, but this year I missed the first day.

   My first slice.....
Today was another first for our family. My oldest son, Q, had his first "big boy" birthday party. He got to stay there without Mommy and Daddy.  Now you would think the 6 year old would be more anxious than Mommy and Daddy, but no we were the anxious ones.  When we got there, Q ran off and we stood there not knowing what to do.  Once we left, our conversation revolved around leaving Q at the party.  So, the question is who is growing up? Q? Mommy and Daddy? Or both?