Saturday, March 16, 2013

How did I forget to have fun?

   How does a person forget to have fun?   I realized last night after spending the evening at the school carnival working a booth with Q, that I have not just had fun in a long time.  Between work, cleaning, masters work, taking care of the boys, and everything else I have not just had good old fun! 
   After the carnival, Q and I sang and danced as we drove to get K.  On the way home, I think the boys were wondering what happened to mommy.  We laughed more last night than we have in a few months. 
   Then today we got up and went to the Community Easter Festival.  We enjoyed time with the Easter bunny, a bouncy house, and snacks.  Maybe the best part of the day was the time at the library.  We got to sit on the floor play and look through books.  We took the day to completely forget about work and cleaning.  It was amazing!
     The fun continued at home.  I am sorry that I have not had this much fun with the boys in so long.  There is no excuse for not giving them my full attention.  Now that my masters work is weeks from being complete, life can get back to fun.
     I love my boys and I hope to give them everything!
K, Q, and the Easter Bunny

    Cute K story
       As soon as we walked into the room, K wanted to go see the "ip op".  We stood in line for a few minutes only to get to the front with fear in his eyes.  K walked side ways never taking his eyes of the bunny to get away from the it afraid he would eat him.  It took big brother crawling on the bunny's lap for K to see the "ip op" was not going to eat him. 
      This story is definitely going in his story notebook. 


  1. It's great to hear a fun story! Glad the carnival had you laughing and singing. Your boys are adorable, and I love the "ip op" story.

  2. Adorable. Sounds like you had a fun day.

  3. So glad you found the fun again! Keep it up! Love the pic

  4. Glad you got to have fun this weekend! Enjoy, enjoy, enjoy! They grow up way too fast. One day they are afraid of the "ip-op," then the next day they are graduating from high school! And congrats on finishing your masters!

  5. I totally get that way sometimes. There are so many "other" things going on that it's easy to forget to enjoy your life and your kids. One of our coworkers after a discussion about me missing my kids (after coming back after Mal) once said to me something like, "I'd like to meet the woman who decided we should go to work too." I KNOW I have a lot more fun with my kids and husband when I don't have to worry about home stuff and work stuff at the same time. And spring break is soon, and then summertime and there is plenty of fun to be had then:)