Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Through the eyes of a two year old....

     As a mom of a six year old and an almost two year old, I spend a good part of my day in awe of their imagination.
     Today was no different than any other, except I got to take half a day off work to spend with my boys.  Unfortunately, it was because one of them was sick.  Neverless, I loved these moments together. I had the chance to cuddle my six year old, who is growing out of the cuddling stage, and build blocks with the almost two year old.
    As I sat and watched, K my sweet little baby building his blocks, I could see that he was on a mission. He worked and worked to build the most astonishing creation his little imagination could create. He was totally lost in his world until he was finished and ran around the house with excitement to show off his creation. He was delighted to find our cat to show off his blocks.
      I love this about him, he is so excited about everything. I am not sure if it is so exciting because he is experiencing it for the first time or maybe everything really is that exciting and I have lost the excitement in my old age.
      K makes me wonder what it is to see the world from his perceptive.  Does he realize all that he can do? How does he see the world?

    I hope he never looses this excitement for life!


  1. I LOVE this! Imaginations seem to get lost as we get older - great job on encouraging this sweet two-year old!

  2. Awww...so cute. I love that you got to go home today, but I hate that it was because Q is sick. I am glad you had a good afternoon. :)

  3. Glad you got sometime with the boys today. I love watching Mallory play and have conversations with herself. Some days I feel the same, wishing I saw the world as she did; with such excitement. But then she spends an hour crying about nothing and think, "wow, that would not be fun." :)

  4. Your post is sweet! I love sneaking a peak at them in play when they don't know you're watching too! My daughter is 2 and my son is 8. So, I know what you mean...
    I hope he never loses that excitement. That is very special.