Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Vacation.....oh how I need one

    Today while working with a student on his slice we decided to both write about a vacation we have been on. So, I have decided to write about the family vacation we took with my husband's sister, brother, and their families.
    In the scorching heat this last summer, we decided to go on vacation at an amusement park.  Let me tell you, not the best idea we have ever had. We started the morning with both our boys, until my lovely brother could meet us to take the baby (then just 1 year old) to a cooler quieter place for the afternoon. While they had some great nephew and uncle bonding time, we melted away in the sun.
    There were many great memories created that day, as the cousins spent time together and the aunts and uncles spoiled each other's kids.  I got the chance to hang out at the watermark with my 5 year old son, 8 year old niece, and 4 year old nephew. We had a blast, while the "big" kids got to play together. At one point, my medically trained sister-in-law was ready to take me to the park medics, due to my newly acquired green complexion from the 108 degree weather.
    In the end we had a blast and made plans to make it a yearly tradition, just earlier in the summer as to not melt.

Three of the five red heads in the family. Q is on the left. 
He is the only one that belongs to me.

They look like brothers.  Q is on the left.

Q convinced Daddy and Aunt Leia to go for a ride

K hanging out with Aunt Lisa


  1. Ooh, this makes me want to plan my summer vacation - almost. The part about you feeling green in the 108 degree heat was very descriptive. Been there - Nothing better than any kind of ride in 108 heat!

  2. Oh my goodness!! I love the pic of K at the end!

  3. Love the pics of your sweet family! And TOTALLY love that you're writing with your students.

  4. Very awesome to let a student tell a teacher what to write. ;) Thanks for the words + the photos.

  5. Trying to think of a post for tomorrow. Vacations. Hmmm. Definite possibilities. Don't have any way cute little guys like yours though! What a fun memory to save!