Monday, March 25, 2013


Silly Faces

Sad Face
Always full of smiles


Always full of silly faces

Thinking man

Curiosity: You are always full of why
Love: You are always willing to give a good hug
Memaw: Your favorite person in the world
Smart: You can outsmart mommy and daddy
Memory: You have the ability to remember everything
Sarcasm: How do you have this ability at such a young age
Twins:  You are your dad's mini me, in every way
Artist: You create the most amazing creations out of anything
Habits: Your worst habit is biting your nails
Chef: You are a fantastic peanut butter sandwich maker
Brother: You are protective of your little brother
School:  You are upset anytime you have to miss a day
Joker: You are always trying to tell a joke
Ears: You turn your off
Sports: You love to watch basketball and football
Music: You can sing along with about any song
Dancer: You are a great dancer
Caring: You worry about others
Security: You love your Monkey and Blanky
Chatter: This is not talking about your teeth


  1. What wonderful faces and a lovely poem about him!

  2. Your boys are just wonderful and adorable! I lvoe the poem...and the labels including the security monkey!

  3. Great shape poem...was that purposeful? It looks like a little person to me. What a wonderful description of your son!

  4. Such a great poem! I loved learning about him. I think it would be interesting to revise it as he gets older (keeping the old ones of course!) to see how he grows and changes! The pictures were an adorable touch :)