Sunday, March 17, 2013

My Lists....

Here are my loves and those things I don't love, leaving out the obvious loves of my life.

Love List
1. Cheese cake: Nothing special, just good ol' plain cheese cake
2. Bavarian Cream Donuts- I can't get enough of these
3. Books:  I always have one with me.  The kindle app has saved my back, I no longer have to carry a big  
       book around.  Thank You Kindle!
4. Lazy Days with the family:  This is when the memories are made
5. Baking:  I am not the best baker, but I love to experiment with recipes.  I joke that I am going to open a  
       bakery, but secretly this is my dream.
6. Swing by the lake:  I like to go hid out at my mom's on her swing by the lake.  It is beautiful no matter
       what time of year or day. 
7. Sharing memories with friends:  I love to hear stories from friends.  They are a great way to get to know
8. Mail: Maybe I am old fashion, but I love to open the mail box and find a real letter written to me.  Such a
      great connection between two people.
9. My Snuggie: Yes, I have a Snuggie.  It is amazing! It's a blanket with sleeves. Need I say more?
10. Guilty Pleasure TV: I get swept up by a good train wreck on TV.

Hate List (I don't like the word hate, but it is the best word to describe this list)
1. Birds: Do I really need to explain this?  A friend of a friend has said, "Birds are rats with wings."  So true!
2. Odd numbers: Yes I said it. I hate when my husband turns the TV volume to an odd number, he thinks it
      is funny.
3. Laundry:  Is there an end to the madness?
4. Loud crunchy foods: I actually get up to move when somebody is chewing gets to me.
5. Public Speaking: Yes, I am a teacher.  It is different when you talk to kids than it is talking to adults. Ask
       any of my co-workers, they call tell you what a disaster it is to get my in front of a group of adults.
6. Bland food: If you work closely with me, you have heard my bland food stories.  My husband does not
       much so we eat a lot of the same food each week.  This gets old!  I call his food bland, because I
       believe he does not like flavor.
7. Judgement:  Seriously, why do we bother?  If people are happy, lets be happy for them.
8. Slow driver:  It is okay if you are going to drive slow, but don't rush out in front of me then go slow.
9. Loud Clicky Heels:  Do my shoes really have to announce I am coming.  I am self conscience when I
       wear them.
10. Nail biting:  The sound and sight makes me cringe


  1. Birds are bats with wings. Oh my! Now I know why I'm not a bird fan! I mean, I don't mind seeing birds outside, from the window, but I don't like them up close and I don't want to have one for a pet and I absolutely hate it when I see one in a store or in the mall or somewhere it doesn't belong. It gives me the creeps! I can relate so well!

  2. I totally get the odd number volume! I always, always, ALWAYS have the volume on an even number. Haha! Enjoyed your lists.

  3. Great list! I feel the same way about real mail & slow drivers that pull right out in front of you!

  4. Your #1 item on your hate list made me laugh. Now I love birds but I had to laugh at "rats with wings". So with you about talking in front of adults! I have a pair of shoes that squeak when I'm walking on tile. I hate that too! Enjoyed reading your lists!

  5. As you already know we share some similar loves and hates from your lists. I am soooo with you on the crunchy food, though. :) Oh and the mail, not old fashioned! I LOVE getting mail! I also love to send mail, because I feel like it will make the receiver of my mail happy. My friend Holly gets a lot of mail from me. Sometimes I think I am keeping the post office open! :)