Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Busy day

Change K's diaper
Comforted K back to sleep
Check on my little sick on Q
Back to sleep

Husband's work radio going off
2 hour delay
Check on Q

K wakes up
Change another diaper
Cuddle K (I really do love these moments, even if he woke me up)
Send hubby off to work

Q is awake with a temp of 102.4
Give Q medicine
Put Q back in bed
Feed K
Cuddle K again (I love it)
Lay K down for a short nap
Quickly get myself ready
Enjoy a cup of hot chocolate
Try to read from a fabulous book

K awake again
Bath and dress For K  (yes, that includes another diaper)

8:30 AM
Q wakes up
Convince Q to drink some juice
K decides he wants some grapes

Q lays on the couch watching cartoons
K is building blocks
Clean the kitchen counters
Clean kitchen cabinets
Clean the frig
Sweep the kitchen floors
Mop the floors
Pay bills
Change another diaper
Read a few books to the boys

Cuddle both the boys (best mommy moment of the day)

Fix lunch for the boys
Yippee! Q ate a little
Clean the kitchen up
Feeding the bottomless bit known as K, again.
Q gets his medicine again
Q's temp is at 100.2 (oh yeah,, it is going down)
Q lays down for a nap
Change the millionth diaper of the day
Put K down for his nap

Now what to do?  Should I read my fabulous book or get the computer to do some more work?

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  1. Oh my...this makes me tired just reading it. I think you should read you fabulous book and take a bit of a break. Jackie