Saturday, March 23, 2013

Did I really do that?

      As a kid, I collected all sorts of things.  When I got older, I swore I would NEVER collect anything!  Even when my mother in law would continuously ask me what I was collecting, so she could add to the collection I would stand my ground that I would NEVER collect anything.  I didn't want to clutter my house with "junk". 
   Well, about a year ago I got caught up in creating a collection.  When I was out shopping by myself I came across a cute little cookie jar.  I just could not resist.  It would look perfect on my kitchen table as the centerpiece along with matching place mats.  Unknown to me, this would be the start of a collection.  I thought for sure my husband would roll his eyes, but he embraced the idea.  He has even started looking for cookie jars to add to my collection. 
    My goal a new cookie jar for each holiday/ season.  It is a lot of fun looking for the jars and matching placemats.
    Now do NOT tell my mother in law.  She will fill my house with every cookie jar she can find rather than the cutest ones find.  But if you do come across a cute spring, turkey, or summer cookie jar, please share.

Valentine's Cupcake

4t of July Canister

Christmas and January Snowman

Easter Bunny

Fall Pumpkin


  1. Omigosh! I'm an avid collector too! My husband calls it packratting; my TA calls it hoarding. But there's something about having multiples of things that warm the cockles of my heart. Unfortunately, my collections change depending on my mood, the time of year and the rotation of the planets. Currently, I'm collecting shoes, but in the past, it's been anime, yarn, rubber stamps, scrapbooking paper, Doctor Who plushies...

  2. What a great idea! Looks fun!

  3. Cute seasonal cookie jars. Good idea to not tell others who don't get the jist of why you are collecting or you will be inundated. Don't tell your students either. One year I mentioned collecting snowmen and I got more snowmen than I could ever want (or need).

  4. I love to collect. But when my mother-in-law got involved in my collection of unusual snow globes, it made me hate them forever. Anybody want to start a collection of them?

  5. Oh my...that Easter bunny rabbit cookie jar is adorable. I try not to collect used to be cats, but it got was out of hand so I said 'no more.' I like that you are doing the seasonal thing with matching placemats. I promise, I won't tell your mother-in-law...or your students. Jackie

  6. I love your collection but I'm wondering if your mother in law is somehow related to mine? There is this underlying rule for her: if you want one of something, you must want 30 of them even more! Christmas is ridiculous - like a green flag. Don't get me wrong, I'm grateful that she wants to do nice things for my children and I, but there is a point when you just need to call it a day. Good luck with your collection...on your own!