Saturday, March 31, 2012

Finish line

Wow, thirty-one days!  I made it through my first Slice of Life challenge. Maybe I should celebrate with a new thirty -one bag. ;)  I wondered many times if I would make it, but I did.  I didn't know what I would write about, who would read, or how I would fit it into my schedule in the beginning.   Now I question what will I do with my blog now that the challenge is complete.  I think I will revisit on Tuesdays and return to the challenge next year.  I am also working with a co-teacher on ideas to use this with the kids all year.   Great challenge! Thanks for giving me the opportunity to participate!

Friday, March 30, 2012

Beach and Driving

Today has been full of driving. We drove to the coast to enjoy the beach. Now we are driving to et to the airport to get my big bro. Then we have drive back to go to bed. The beach was AMAZING!! Q built a sand castle with his uncle, K played with Memaw on the beach towel, and I and I relaxed on the beach. I am a little red, but it was totally worth it! Short post tonight because I am riding and blogging at the same time.

Thursday, March 29, 2012


Today was the day to relax. We ventured out this morning to go see the scrubjays. These are nasty little birds that will land on you. I have a fear of birds,so this is not my favorite part of the trip. I have great pictures of the bird and people stack with my brother, son, and the bird on top. I will have to share the pictures later. We then spent the afternoon relaxing on the porch and swimming. I discovered I have a dare devil for a son. K who is only 10 months enjoyed diving from me to his Memaw the entire time he was in the pool. He was very upset when he had to get out. The best part of the day was the mouth watering inside out hamburgers my brother grilled with cabbage, squash, and potatoes and conversation with my grandpa. We spent the evening listening to stories of his childhood. I love to sit and listen to the stories. Grandpa is a great storyteller. I need to find a way to persevere these stories in his voice for my boys to hear when they are bigger.

Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Vacation or Stress?

Aren't vacations suppose to be relaxing? Maybe it will be when we get there.    I have blogged as we have traveled to share our story.     It is an early morning.  I'm up at 4:15 after staying up until midnight catching up with my brother.  Like kids again.  Mom had the boys sleeping.  In an hour we will be heading to the airport.      Wow!  We are on the plane. That was crazy!  At security, I got stuck holding the baby and the stroller that did not want to close.  That was so much fun!  That started my red faced moments.  We got to the gate as they started boarding and still needed a potty break and to get a bottle ready. We got the potty break,but no bottle.  Then we get to the plane and everyone gets on, but me. I was working on stroller that had a mind of its own.  It decided not to close. If you know me, my face was bright red, again.  How many times will this happen today?       The K is smiling and checking everything out while Q is too excited to sit still.  Fingers crossed it will be a quick safe flight!      The anxiety has subsided and has been replaced with anticipation, now that we are in the air.  The little one fell asleep during take off and slept in my arms for an hour while the big one played games, enjoyed the fabulous reading of the safety information, and eating all my graham crackers.  Little stinker!       The excitement has cover come us, we just got our wings.  Q has started a collection, this is his fifth set.  K's will be added to his keepsake box for his first flight along with the picture of him banging on the seat in front of him trying to get his Memaw's attention.      Airplane lavatories. Amazing!  Q needed a bathroom break, so we got to take part in that adventure. When he was potting he announces, "I bet it leaks out of the plane." Huge smile, "Gross! It will hit people down there on the head." Even bigger smile.        After landing, the stroller decided to open with ease for a change.  We are now enjoying beautiful Florida.      Hoped you enjoyed my journey as much as I will enjoy this vacation.   I have pictures to add, but it is not working tonight. Maybe tomorrow I will be able to share.

Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Vacation Anxiety

Have you ever had a pit in your stomach before a big event? That has been my day as I have prepared for our trip to Florida tomorrow. This morning as I woke up I had vacationist. Sick to my stomach, mind racing, and exhaustion all symptoms. This being the first time to go on an extended vacation with the baby and without daddy there has been a lot anxiety. Don't misunderstand me, I am excited for this much needed break, but this happens everytime we travel. Am I the only one who experiences this?

Monday, March 26, 2012

Dare Devil

      As I, the worried mother, sit and watches K, the ten month old, holding on to the chair while he watches his brother play across the room.  As the little guy inches closer to his brother while holding on to the chair he smiles and lets go of the chair.  He takes three steps without any help then falls face first.  Mommy just sits and waits for the scream, instead she gets a big smile as he crawls after his brother. 
    Ten minutes later later the little guy tries again.  He pulls himself up on the couch and waits for Da Da to pick him up, when Da Da walks by he lets go of the couch and takes four steps without assistance.  This time Da Da caught him before he hit the floor, but K still looks up with a big smile of look what I can do. 
   This continued all evening.  I can say I am not ready for this step, but it doesn't matter what I am ready for.  It is all about what K is ready to do.

Sunday, March 25, 2012


    Seriously?  Again as I watch HIMYM, I find myself crying.  The rerun when Marshall looses his dad and he questions the last words his dad said to him, gets me every time.  As I watched it tonight, I knew what was going to happen and tried to distract myself, but it still came. 

    It always amazes me when I watch TV and the emotions of the show get to me.  Two times in the last two days the TV has gotten me.  While watching a particular emotional part of a show I have ended up crying.  How does this happen every time?  The hubby likes to look at me to see if there are tears yet then laugh.

Saturday, March 24, 2012

Florida Here I Come

   As I sit here looking at my to do list getting longer, I remember in four short days I will be on an airplane to Florida.  The craziness of spring brings SPRING BREAK! 
   This trip will be K's first time on an airplane.  I am thankful that I will have two other adults with me to share in his energy.  While Q will be traveling by plane for the sixth time in his five short years.  We are all super excited! 
   While in Florida, we will visit with my grandpa that I haven't seen since Christmas, go to Lego Land, the Beach, a wonderful town with murals on the buildings, and so much more.  As Q looks forward to Lego Land, I can't wait to spend time with my brothers.
     I will be thinking of all my friends in Indiana, while I sit on the beach with my feet up and the sun in my face.

Friday, March 23, 2012

Baby Talk

     Well, it is official K is saying "Da Da".  Even though this melts my heart that he can now communicate that he knows his Daddy, it still breaks it too.  I had that silent wish that he would say "Ma Ma" first, since Q said "Da Da" first.  It is a great thing to watch as he speaks those words and Daddy's face lights up. 
    I am excited to hear what comes next!  Will it be "Ma Ma" or something silly?  This is when the fun begins with the talking and then the walking.

Thursday, March 22, 2012

Five Year Old Clam

   Why is it always so hard for children to share about their day?  Q has been in preschool for two years and every night we have the same routine.
 Me, "Q how was school?"
Q, "You know, the same."
Me, "What did you do today?"
Q, "The same as everyday!"  This is when he has that DUH look on his face. "Don't you know."
Me, "No, tell me about it.  I love to hear about what you did!"
Q, "Mommy why do you always ask?"
Me, "Because I like to hear about you day."
Q annoyed, "Okay, every day Memaw takes me to preschool, I move my close pin, wash my hands...."

   I love to hear about his day, but it is like pulling teeth to get anything out of him.  Will this last forever?

Wednesday, March 21, 2012 I'm a bum!

          Last night, I decided I would spend the evening after the boys went to sleep to work on paperwork for school. Well, I started reading my book and could not put it down. I have a difficult time getting into this book and finding the time to sit long enough to read. Well, last night was the night. Before I knew it the clock read 11:46 and I still hadn't done any work for school or in the house. Just call me a bum, but nothing beats a great book!

Tuesday, March 20, 2012

New Evenings

    My evenings has begun to go this way.  After work, I head to get my boys.  This takes me a hour to get home.  Once the three of us get home, the fun begins.  Q goes outside to play or dig, while K and I have a diaper change.  His diaper NOT mine!  This is normally about the time that Hubby gets home.  We load up and head out for a walk/ bike ride, the best part of the day.  The walk/ bike ride is always interesting.  As I push K in the stroller Hubby helps Q or pushes Q on his bike.  Q either wears out before we make it around the circle or just wants more of daddy's attention.  We love to have interesting conversations about our days or upcoming events. 
    Once we get home again, dinner is started, K is fed, and Q takes a bath.  Q has gotten so big that he completes his chores of setting the table and cleaning the table after dinner.  Our dinner is always peppered with more interesting conversations.  We finish dinner in time for K to get his bath and Q to have some alone time to play.  By this time it is almost bed, but first we have to have our book or books for the evening. 
    The worst part of the day, bedtime.  This has became a battle.  K falls asleep in one of our arms, normally daddy's for some reason daddy is better at this.  Q doesn't think he should sleep in his bed, because mommy and daddy are still up.  So, we negotiate an extra minute.  Little does he know this is now figured into his day.  Since Friday, he has done better because HE added Going to bed with a smile to his chore chart.  
     Wow!  By this time I am ready for bed myself, but I spend the time with Hubby and a some reading for myself. 
     My evenings are so different from what they were a year ago with only one child.  Even with the craziness I wouldn't change it for the world!!

Monday, March 19, 2012

A little poem for....

I decided to write a poem for my two precious boys.  This is one of my least favorite things to write.  The challenge is about practicing writing.  Here you go, keep in mind this was just a quick shot at a poem.

My Two Little Boys
My little boys...
to meet you was God's gift,
you reminded me of the possibilities,
I promise to hold you close to never let go.

My little boys...
as you play I watch you learn, 
I see your personality poking through,
I promise to keep you safe.

My little boys...
as you grow my grip loosens,
I will be here to hold your hand,
to help you stand tall.
I promise to encourage you through life.

My little boys...
keep in mind you are my world,
I will love you no matter what,
the world is yours for the taking.

Sunday, March 18, 2012


    Last night, I decided to look through old pictures.  The time spent looking at pictures was full of smiles and tears.  I was amazed at how much Q has grown up.  He is five now and to look at his baby pictures was crazy.  To remember the little things he did as a baby that showed his personality.   The silly pirate face and spitting out peas. These pictures reminded me how fast he has grown and how fast K will grow along with him. 
    Pictures are such great ways to preserve a memory or event.  I came across Q's first steps, first trip, birthdays, days out playing, cute faces, and time with friends.  Then came all of K's pictures.  The similarities are there.  They share the same nose and eyes.
    There are fewer pictures of K, he is the second child.  I swore I would take just as many pictures of the second as I did as the first, but it is time for me to face it.  I just don't carry the camera like I use to.
   You can all read it now, I WILL take more pictures.  I want to look back on the pictures of the boys with them when they are bigger to share moments. 

Saturday, March 17, 2012

Missing Box

       Since last fall we have had a missing box of baby items.  The box was full of baby toys, gear, bowls, and plates.  Little did we know that it was full of memories.  We searched high and low for this box.  Well, today we cleaned the garage and found the missing box.  Some how this box was labeled DVD player.  No wonder we never looked inside it.  I was super excited when we opened the box and found what we had been searching for since last fall.
      The five year old, Q,  was just as excited.  He remembered several of the toys in the box.  As he went through the box he was showing his brother each item and telling him about it.  Of course, he didn't remember many of the items, but he shared that it was his when he was a baby and now was the baby's. 
       As Q pulled out the last item it brought tears to my eyes.  It was a stackable box set that my dad bought for Q and loved to play with.  One of my favorite pictures of Q and my dad is of the two of them playing with the boxes. They spent hours on the floor dad stacking the boxes, Q knocking them over, and both of them laughing.  This is a story that Q has heard several times and he tells it like he remembers.  Q only had a short 18 months with his PopPop, but he they were a great fun filled 18 months. 
      Not only was I happy to find the box, but to come across the memories held in the box. 
Q and PopPop playing with the boxes

Q playing with the boxes

Friday, March 16, 2012

Loves vs Not So Much

I am stealing this idea from a blog I read the other day. Sorry, I don't remember where I read this. I have made a list of ten things I love and ten things I don't love so much. 

Not So Much Love
1. Mice (do I need to explain this one?)
2. Birds (NASTY creatures)
3. Loosing a Loved One
4. Laundry
5. The day after I get a hair cut (I never know what is going to happen with this hair of mine)
6. Uncertainty
7. Public Speaking (it doesn't bother me to speak to a 100 kids, but you give me ten adults and
                                   I can't do it)
8. Rude people
9. Floors that get dirty right after you clean them
10. Fish (the kind you eat, I like the cute little things in the water)

1. My Boys (this goes without saying, but I am sure to write it)
2. The Hubby (again without saying)
4. My boys giggles
6. Spring days with fresh starts
7. Lazy days with the family (when I actually get them)
8. Flowers
9. Visiting with friends (old or new, it always brings laughter and joy)
10. Undiscovered Enjoyments

This was harder than I thought.  I came up with the ten things I love quickly, but it took a lot of thinking to come up with the other list.  I guess that is a good thing.

Thursday, March 15, 2012

Why I love my husband....

Here are just a few reasons I love my husband.....
* Sweet conversations overheard.
    Five year old, "Daddy girls can't play basketball."  (yes this came from my son)
    Daddy, "Girls can play basketball.  They can do anything they want to.  Just like you."
    Five year old, "They can't be superheroes."
    Daddy, "What about WonderWoman, Storm, and SheHawk."
    Five year old,"Oh, I guess girls can do everything."  ( I know he relates everything to superheroes)
* He loves to rock the baby to sleep.
* He can reach those tall cabinets (I'm only 5 ft.)
* He listens to my crazy stories and complaints
* He folds the towels (least favorite to fold)
* He lets me obsess over the silly things, but knows when to tell me to get over it
* He always backs me up
* And so much more!!!

Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Persuasive Letter

       Being a special education teacher has its perks. One is the chance I get to be in several classrooms to see different teaching styles and activities. My days are NEVER boring.  I love getting to see all the creative ideas that teachers come up with and to work with a great bunch of teachers.
      Recently, my fifth and sixth grade students started writing persuasive letters. They started making a list of ideas (I love lists so this was great for me). Now they have narrowed their ideas to one. It is amazing to see the difference in the two grade levels.   A few ideas are crazy, but most of the students have put a lot of thought into what they are writing about.
     Today as I sat and talked to one of the fifth graders about his writing, he inspired me to write my own persuasive letter.   He was writing about different school lunches and it made me think of my own cooking. So, along with the kiddos I will be writing a persuasive letter to my husband about getting a variety of food (if you know him you know this will be interesting). My husband likes his limited menu and that is it.  I will have to come up with a really good argument to change his ways. 

Letter to come. I will be working through the steps with the kids.

Tuesday, March 13, 2012


Dear Remote, I am sorry for the long absence. Due to the boys in the house, I have little time to spend with you. As you know every time we plan time together we are interrupted by a boy wanted you or myself. I plan a date with you in about 18 years when the two small boys are in college and the big one falls asleep. I hope you don't miss our time together much. I know you get plenty of use from the others. Hope to use you in the next 18 years!

Monday, March 12, 2012

Looking for inspiration

Now that it is day 12, I am lost as to what to write about. So, I turn to the husband for ideas. Here is what he came up with. 1. Wal-Mart 2. College 3. Likes 4. Television (for those who know him you know this should be number 1) 5. Boy 1 6. Boy 2 7. Camp 8. Driving 9. Clutter Okay,so maybe he does have something to say. I will return to this list in the coming days.

Sunday, March 11, 2012


After writing a four page paper for my grad class, I wonder what to write on here.  I will start with the renewed feeling I have for my job after reading this weeks discussion for my class.  It was interesting to see the similar opinions across the nation on the class discussion blog about hot topics in education.  This gave me a feeling of support.  It is great to have support in my day to day life to my grad class.  Thank you to all that have supported me!

Saturday, March 10, 2012

Pet Peeves

I decided to share some pet peeves of mine. Be warned I have 3 boys in my house. 1. Poop on the toilet. If you smear it you clean it. 2. People that pull out in front of me and turn shortly after. 3. Loud crunching. 4. Dishes in the sink. Just put them in the dishwasher. 5. Small toys under my feet. OUCH!!! 6. Messy bathroom sinks. Clean up! I have to wash my hands here. 7. Nail biting. 8. Cups in the frig. 9. People who stop and talk in the middle of an isle. 10. The volume being on an odd number. (Yes, I know I am little crazy!) I should just stop here. The hubby is laughing at me for my list.

Friday, March 9, 2012


I find it crazy how I remember information, useless or useful. Tonight as the husband is suffering through heartburn for the first time I went on a search for medicine. I asked, "Would you like pesto?" "Will that even work for heartburn?" Together we sing the Pepto jungle. "Yes! That is what the commercial says." How many times have I remembered information from a jingle or silly commercial. Those advertising people know what they are doing.

Thursday, March 8, 2012

Where are you when I need you?

Have you ever had this need to talk to somebody that you know you can't?  Today I have had this feeling all day.  I have needed to talk with my dad. The problem is there is no way to reach him. He passed away 3 years ago.  He had a short, yet long battle with cancer that ended suddenly.  By all doctor accounts he was getting better with no cancer left.

After thinking about him all day, I came across picture while looking for a picture of my son.  It was like finding a message from him.
 The picture was taken 2 months before he passed away.  This is the moment I have needed all day!

Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Am I that old?

Do I really look that old? Today I got out my iPod to share music with my fifth and sixth graders.

A particularly funny student says, “I didn't think you knew what an iPod was. You are too old to know what we use....

My reply, “Do I look that old?”

As a class, “YES!!!”

Sad face from me.

Funny child with his hands in the air holding an imaginary object, “I thought you would be walking around with a BIG boombox on your shoulder.”

Tuesday, March 6, 2012


    ISTEP....Wow?  As a special education teacher, ISTEP is so different.  ISTEP comes with so much.  At the Annual Case Review, we decide what the student will need as accommodations.  Changes can and will be made later.
     Then comes January with the checks and rechecks of accommodations, setting up groups, and checking again.  This is not including the time spent getting students to understand their accommodations. 
    When ISTEP arrives my day revolves around testing.  I normally get the chance to test two groups and do make ups for a grade level.  This year I get three groups and make ups.  By the end of the day, I could recite the examiner,s manual.  Although, the moment I shut that examiner's manual it is out of my mind. 

Monday, March 5, 2012

Stolen Moments

Now that I have two boys, I feel like I have to steal moments with each child, my husband, and for myself.  Some of my favorite stolen moments have been reading to my five year old (Q).  Every week we go to the library to pick out books to read with his brother (the baby) and a few for just us.  After attempting to read a book with his brother we steal a moment for just the two of us.  He loves when we get the time just between the two of us to read. 
So, I have to explain how my son picks out his books at the library.  He loves to walk down the bookshelves and grab random books.  This is too crazy for me.  I like to check the book out and wonder what it will be about (my own stolen moment, even if I am holding the baby). Trying to get him to pick the classics or at least a few books that are familiar is impossible.  To save bother our sanity, I give him his library bag and let him free to fill it with his loot, while I pick a few of my childhood (okay current) favorites. 

After our library trip this weekend, I checked out what Q had picked out.  I let him pick the book he wanted to start our reading marathon.  I was a bit skeptical when I saw his selection.  A little afraid of what I might find in the book.  Lets face it every book has its good quality, but there are a few that don't hold up to what we wish for in an escape to a fantasy world.

This book was a pleasant surprise!  We giggled throughout the whole book.  We found ourselves reading and rereading this book throughout the weekend.  This book is now on my list of must haves. I would recommend this book to every reading out there!  Thank you Jeff Czekaj, for giving me this special moment with my son!

Sunday, March 4, 2012


I went back to grad school this summer. I felt I was a bit crazy.  I had just had my son a month earlier,

 my husband just started a new job, and I had a superhero four year old.  

What was I thinking?  As I start my 5th class, I have a great sense of satisfaction.  I know that I am almost half done and have gained so much from these classes.   At this point I welcome the next crazy step in life.  Bring it on life!

Saturday, March 3, 2012


As my season for paperwork has began, I find more at home. Today I worked on IEPs, tBall registration, FASA paperwork, and other crazy paperwork that the husband needs. Why does it always appear at the same time?

Friday, March 2, 2012


Tonight my five year old got a new movie. He picked out Tom and Jerry. It was great just watching him. Just to see his facial expressions and giggles. He continued to giggle through the whole 46 minute movie. Awesome to see him enjoying something I loved as a kid.

Thursday, March 1, 2012


Today is the first day to officially start the challenge. I sat here wondering what to write about, when it finally came to me it made me smile again. Daily I walk past a bulletin board of penguins. This board makes me smile, because first they are so cute. Then I love how they each represent any classroom in our building. Each penguin is different. I love this bulletin board. Thanks you for making me smile every day.