Thursday, March 29, 2012


Today was the day to relax. We ventured out this morning to go see the scrubjays. These are nasty little birds that will land on you. I have a fear of birds,so this is not my favorite part of the trip. I have great pictures of the bird and people stack with my brother, son, and the bird on top. I will have to share the pictures later. We then spent the afternoon relaxing on the porch and swimming. I discovered I have a dare devil for a son. K who is only 10 months enjoyed diving from me to his Memaw the entire time he was in the pool. He was very upset when he had to get out. The best part of the day was the mouth watering inside out hamburgers my brother grilled with cabbage, squash, and potatoes and conversation with my grandpa. We spent the evening listening to stories of his childhood. I love to sit and listen to the stories. Grandpa is a great storyteller. I need to find a way to persevere these stories in his voice for my boys to hear when they are bigger.


  1. I love scrub jays! Have never had them attack me.

  2. Look forward to seeing pictures. Tape record your grandpa's stories...if you can find one, or take video of it. I have my grandpa on mom won't give it up.