Sunday, March 25, 2012


    Seriously?  Again as I watch HIMYM, I find myself crying.  The rerun when Marshall looses his dad and he questions the last words his dad said to him, gets me every time.  As I watched it tonight, I knew what was going to happen and tried to distract myself, but it still came. 

    It always amazes me when I watch TV and the emotions of the show get to me.  Two times in the last two days the TV has gotten me.  While watching a particular emotional part of a show I have ended up crying.  How does this happen every time?  The hubby likes to look at me to see if there are tears yet then laugh.


  1. At least I can say that I am in touch with my feelings, right?

  2. I have been in the same position several times. I think, sometimes, when it is a weekly show that I just "can't miss", it's like a weekly coffee date with friends or something.... do I sound crazy yet? There is something about those shows that I relate to that makes me either experience the emotion of the character, or gives me permission to feel it for myself out of fear of the future (in the case where Marshall loses his dad, which I have cried over at least three times since the original ran), or a connection to my own experiences that still hurt when I have reason to let them! As for your husband, I SWEAR men laugh when they are afraid of crying themselves! :)

  3. So what, men just don't understand and sometimes I think they wish they could show their emotions. A little cry now and then just helps us relieve our stress. Thanks for sharing! Happy Slicing! :)