Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Vacation or Stress?

Aren't vacations suppose to be relaxing? Maybe it will be when we get there.    I have blogged as we have traveled to share our story.     It is an early morning.  I'm up at 4:15 after staying up until midnight catching up with my brother.  Like kids again.  Mom had the boys sleeping.  In an hour we will be heading to the airport.      Wow!  We are on the plane. That was crazy!  At security, I got stuck holding the baby and the stroller that did not want to close.  That was so much fun!  That started my red faced moments.  We got to the gate as they started boarding and still needed a potty break and to get a bottle ready. We got the potty break,but no bottle.  Then we get to the plane and everyone gets on, but me. I was working on stroller that had a mind of its own.  It decided not to close. If you know me, my face was bright red, again.  How many times will this happen today?       The K is smiling and checking everything out while Q is too excited to sit still.  Fingers crossed it will be a quick safe flight!      The anxiety has subsided and has been replaced with anticipation, now that we are in the air.  The little one fell asleep during take off and slept in my arms for an hour while the big one played games, enjoyed the fabulous reading of the safety information, and eating all my graham crackers.  Little stinker!       The excitement has cover come us, we just got our wings.  Q has started a collection, this is his fifth set.  K's will be added to his keepsake box for his first flight along with the picture of him banging on the seat in front of him trying to get his Memaw's attention.      Airplane lavatories. Amazing!  Q needed a bathroom break, so we got to take part in that adventure. When he was potting he announces, "I bet it leaks out of the plane." Huge smile, "Gross! It will hit people down there on the head." Even bigger smile.        After landing, the stroller decided to open with ease for a change.  We are now enjoying beautiful Florida.      Hoped you enjoyed my journey as much as I will enjoy this vacation.   I have pictures to add, but it is not working tonight. Maybe tomorrow I will be able to share.


  1. Sorry about the paragraphing. For some reason it did not show up this time.

  2. Enjoy and may the stroller behave...sounds like it is beginning too. Glad you arrived safely.

  3. Glad you made it through phase one: the trip down. Enjoy the time! (Watch out that the red face doesn't burn!)