Sunday, March 18, 2012


    Last night, I decided to look through old pictures.  The time spent looking at pictures was full of smiles and tears.  I was amazed at how much Q has grown up.  He is five now and to look at his baby pictures was crazy.  To remember the little things he did as a baby that showed his personality.   The silly pirate face and spitting out peas. These pictures reminded me how fast he has grown and how fast K will grow along with him. 
    Pictures are such great ways to preserve a memory or event.  I came across Q's first steps, first trip, birthdays, days out playing, cute faces, and time with friends.  Then came all of K's pictures.  The similarities are there.  They share the same nose and eyes.
    There are fewer pictures of K, he is the second child.  I swore I would take just as many pictures of the second as I did as the first, but it is time for me to face it.  I just don't carry the camera like I use to.
   You can all read it now, I WILL take more pictures.  I want to look back on the pictures of the boys with them when they are bigger to share moments. 


  1. You should have attached some pictures. I am glad you enjoyed your look at the past. I am sure you will be great with the picture taking from now on with both your boys.

  2. I carry my camera with me in my purse now. There have been a few times when I've left it or I forget to recharge the batteries. I'm so disappointed when I miss a moment. I'll be asking, "Are you taking more pictures?" : )