Tuesday, March 20, 2012

New Evenings

    My evenings has begun to go this way.  After work, I head to get my boys.  This takes me a hour to get home.  Once the three of us get home, the fun begins.  Q goes outside to play or dig, while K and I have a diaper change.  His diaper NOT mine!  This is normally about the time that Hubby gets home.  We load up and head out for a walk/ bike ride, the best part of the day.  The walk/ bike ride is always interesting.  As I push K in the stroller Hubby helps Q or pushes Q on his bike.  Q either wears out before we make it around the circle or just wants more of daddy's attention.  We love to have interesting conversations about our days or upcoming events. 
    Once we get home again, dinner is started, K is fed, and Q takes a bath.  Q has gotten so big that he completes his chores of setting the table and cleaning the table after dinner.  Our dinner is always peppered with more interesting conversations.  We finish dinner in time for K to get his bath and Q to have some alone time to play.  By this time it is almost bed, but first we have to have our book or books for the evening. 
    The worst part of the day, bedtime.  This has became a battle.  K falls asleep in one of our arms, normally daddy's for some reason daddy is better at this.  Q doesn't think he should sleep in his bed, because mommy and daddy are still up.  So, we negotiate an extra minute.  Little does he know this is now figured into his day.  Since Friday, he has done better because HE added Going to bed with a smile to his chore chart.  
     Wow!  By this time I am ready for bed myself, but I spend the time with Hubby and a some reading for myself. 
     My evenings are so different from what they were a year ago with only one child.  Even with the craziness I wouldn't change it for the world!!


  1. Awww...That is so sweet. I love that you have a routine filled with conversation and discussion. :D

  2. I remember when our second child was born (he's now 19), I couldn't get over how much busier we were. The workload more than doubled. But like you, I wouldn't change it for the world. So many good memories!! If it makes you feel better, baby #3 didn't really make that much of a difference. We were already so busy, that she just joined in the merry-go-round of our life. :) Enjoy!

  3. Going on a walk, especially when it is warm is one of my favorite parts of the day too. I bet you have interesting conversations. Five year olds have so much to say! Their point of view is usually hilarious. I do love to hear your Q stories. :)