Tuesday, March 6, 2012


    ISTEP....Wow?  As a special education teacher, ISTEP is so different.  ISTEP comes with so much.  At the Annual Case Review, we decide what the student will need as accommodations.  Changes can and will be made later.
     Then comes January with the checks and rechecks of accommodations, setting up groups, and checking again.  This is not including the time spent getting students to understand their accommodations. 
    When ISTEP arrives my day revolves around testing.  I normally get the chance to test two groups and do make ups for a grade level.  This year I get three groups and make ups.  By the end of the day, I could recite the examiner,s manual.  Although, the moment I shut that examiner's manual it is out of my mind. 


  1. We are so lucky that you take such good care of our kids! I am right there with you on the examiner's manual. How many times must we read..."You may NOT use a pen on this test." ???? We will miss you over the next few days as you test our kiddos. :)

  2. I have given the ISTEP for so many years that when they changed the words I had said for so many years...I could barely get through the directions. I try really hard to say what they tell us to say!! I'm like you, though; once it is done, I forget it until the next time!

  3. ISTEP is a huge part of my time as well. I have a small accomodations group and then I am one of the primary people at my school to do the make up tests. I just always hope the kids do their best and don't feel the stress all of the adults seem to be under.

  4. AS a district coach watching students take this test, all I can say to you is....Hang in there! You are doing a GREAT job!