Friday, March 2, 2012


Tonight my five year old got a new movie. He picked out Tom and Jerry. It was great just watching him. Just to see his facial expressions and giggles. He continued to giggle through the whole 46 minute movie. Awesome to see him enjoying something I loved as a kid.


  1. My kids (and husband) are also big fans of Tom and Jerry. It's great to capture those little moments to keep forever. :)

  2. My kids LOVE Tom + Jerry too. I kinda think they're hysterical too...but not as hysterical as my kids when they giggle through the entire cartoon.
    Thanks for slicing,

  3. Giggles - I love that word! My daughter is 15 and she still giggles, especially with friends. I love hearing it. Glad your son was sharing his happiness. :)MaryHelen