Friday, March 9, 2012


I find it crazy how I remember information, useless or useful. Tonight as the husband is suffering through heartburn for the first time I went on a search for medicine. I asked, "Would you like pesto?" "Will that even work for heartburn?" Together we sing the Pepto jungle. "Yes! That is what the commercial says." How many times have I remembered information from a jingle or silly commercial. Those advertising people know what they are doing.


  1. Just about the only things I remember these days are things written down or things that came from a song. :) I hope you hubby is feeling better!

  2. A few years ago a former student shared with me that she used a jingle she learned in our third class about nouns...and she passed an English test. Perhaps learning a song or jingle should be a RTI strategy. : ) Hope the heartburn went away.