Tuesday, March 13, 2012


Dear Remote, I am sorry for the long absence. Due to the boys in the house, I have little time to spend with you. As you know every time we plan time together we are interrupted by a boy wanted you or myself. I plan a date with you in about 18 years when the two small boys are in college and the big one falls asleep. I hope you don't miss our time together much. I know you get plenty of use from the others. Hope to use you in the next 18 years!


  1. LOL. I love this post. So adorable. Great perspecitve.

  2. Funny. (And probably true!)

  3. Dear Jessica,
    I have noticed your absences. I feared you no longer cared. I've watched as you have hurried by...chasing after a boy or holding one in your arms. Although the boys do give me some attention, I await the day when you can spend a moment with me, too.
    Your faithful remote

    1. Thank you! This put a smile on my face. The husband and boys loved when I read my letter to the remote and the remote's reply.

      Thanks again

  4. So cute. I never would have thought to write from the remote's point of view! Clever! Now what about the TV? Ha! Nice perspective! Thanks for sharing! Happy Slicing! :) Babies don't keep- enjoy your boys while you can!

  5. Oh my word! You CRACK me up!!! I bet the kids would love to write a letter like this!!! LOVE IT!!!