Thursday, March 22, 2012

Five Year Old Clam

   Why is it always so hard for children to share about their day?  Q has been in preschool for two years and every night we have the same routine.
 Me, "Q how was school?"
Q, "You know, the same."
Me, "What did you do today?"
Q, "The same as everyday!"  This is when he has that DUH look on his face. "Don't you know."
Me, "No, tell me about it.  I love to hear about what you did!"
Q, "Mommy why do you always ask?"
Me, "Because I like to hear about you day."
Q annoyed, "Okay, every day Memaw takes me to preschool, I move my close pin, wash my hands...."

   I love to hear about his day, but it is like pulling teeth to get anything out of him.  Will this last forever?


  1. I love how you keep pressing, keep telling him how much you want to hear his voice.

    I've found if I ask my kids, "Will you tell me something funny that happened today?" or "What strange thing happened today?" they usually have more to say. It seems simply asking more specific somehow leads to more words from them.

    Sometimes. :)


    1. Thank. I figure I have to learn the tricks.

  2. That's interesting. Mine would get off the bus- they didn't go to preschool- but they both wanted to talk at the same time- maybe when there is some competition, they will want to talk more. But Ruth has a good idea to ask about something specific. Thanks for sharing. It will get better. Happy Slicing! :)

  3. Jacob learned early on to just get it over and tell me about his day. It went something like..."Block one...Block two..." Joshua is a different story. Me: How was your day? Him: Fine. Me: Did anything happen today? Him: No. Me: Do you have homework? Him: Got it done in resource. Me: Were there other people at school today? Him: I guess so. LOL!!