Thursday, March 15, 2012

Why I love my husband....

Here are just a few reasons I love my husband.....
* Sweet conversations overheard.
    Five year old, "Daddy girls can't play basketball."  (yes this came from my son)
    Daddy, "Girls can play basketball.  They can do anything they want to.  Just like you."
    Five year old, "They can't be superheroes."
    Daddy, "What about WonderWoman, Storm, and SheHawk."
    Five year old,"Oh, I guess girls can do everything."  ( I know he relates everything to superheroes)
* He loves to rock the baby to sleep.
* He can reach those tall cabinets (I'm only 5 ft.)
* He listens to my crazy stories and complaints
* He folds the towels (least favorite to fold)
* He lets me obsess over the silly things, but knows when to tell me to get over it
* He always backs me up
* And so much more!!!


  1. Love the conversation with Daddy! How sweet! These things are all important. I understand the tall/short thing!

  2. Sweet...and what a great tribute to your hubby.