Sunday, March 10, 2013


     In a house full of boys we have superhero cups, shirts, pjs, toys, pillows, blankets, you name it we have it in superhero version. We also all have a nemesis, mine happens to be the laundry.
    Nemesis: something a person cannot conquer or an opponent that a person cannot best or
  The laundry has gone from "something" I cannot conquer to an opponent that I will overcome. Every time I walk by the laundry room I can hear my nemesis taunting me, "You cannot beat me! I'll never go away! I have beaten you!"
 Someday, I will overcome you my nemesis! Someday!


  1. haha my nemesis is hula hooping. Here's to defeating them!

  2. Oh yes - the sock nemesis is my opponent. I have never totally figured out where all the socks go - but once a year I throw out all the unmatched ones - and start fresh. We all have nemesis, I guess.

  3. This year my nemesis seems to be my grading! It seems to multiply on its own! Good luck with overcoming yours!