Thursday, March 14, 2013

What is better than a grandma?

      As the baby's yells 'Memaw' when he sees her house and the big one gets excited about spending time with his Memaw. I start to remember all those great memories of my own grandma.

      It is so hard to come up with one favorite memory of my grandma.  Unfortunately, I did not get a chance to get to know my Grandma Q, since she passed away when I was 5.  Although, my Grandma S did a great job taking on the role of two grandmas.

      A few of the crazy memories of Grandma S...
      When we spent the night at grandma and grandpa's house grandma would set up a table in the living room, pop us all popcorn (which we ate out of the same bowl), and played Uno.  Grandma was a pro at Uno.
      Grandma was diabetic and had to use syringe for her medicine.  Once she used her syringe, cleaned it, and broke the needle out she would fill it with water and squirt us from across the room.  I remember giggling with grandma as she taught me out to quietly fill the syringe and squirt grandpa without him ever knowing it was me.

       One summer, my brother and I spent the week with grandma.  After days of rain it finally stopped and she let us go out to play.  My brother and I decided to play in the muddy field beside the house.  After hours of playing grandma called us in for dinner.  When we got to the house, grandma stood there laughing at the two of us.  We were covered in mud and later she would tell us manure from the pigs.  This was one of grandma's favorite stories to tell. 

     Nothing beats a grandma's love!


  1. what do you mean danielle c

  2. I totally agree! Grandparents are awesome! I also have many fond stories of being at my grandparent's house. :)

  3. Love your memory stories of grandma. She sounds like she was so much fun and such a sense of humor.