Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Only child again

     Tonight K spent the night with Memaw, while Q got all of mommy and daddy's attention.  He was happy to be the only child once again. Q understands the joys of being the one and only, after spending four years as an only child. When K came along he was excited to be a big brother, but on the rare chance to get all the attention he is more than happy.
     At dinner Q dominated the conversations, he cleaned the table with out any reminders, took his shower with a smile on his face, cuddled with mommy, ran around the house with daddy, wrestled with daddy, read to mommy, and entrained his captive audience all evening.
     In the end, Q missed his little bubba and we had to FaceTime K.  The two boys spend their time on the phone making faces at each other and giggling.   I hope their relationships continues to grow as it is now.

     Side note:  Q, daddy, and I filled out our NCAA brackets tonight. We made a friendly wager that who ever wins gets to pick a place to eat one night. Here is hoping I have beginners luck, so we will be eating Chinese.

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  1. How nice that you were able to make special "only child" time. That is wonderful. It is so sweet that he missed his sibling. Enjoy these days...they will fly.