Saturday, March 9, 2013


    Do you remember that favorite toy or blanket that made you feel safe, comfortable, and special?

    I remember my favorite stuffed animal, Mr. Teddy or Ted for short. He was my faithful companion when I went to grandma and grandpa's house or spent the night with Aunt Neecy. I was a homebody, but I always felt at home when I had Mr. Teddy by my side.
    Tonight, I asked Q what to write about and he told me to write about his Monkey.  Monkey would be his lovie. This got me thinking about Mr. Teddy. So, we went on an adventure of getting Faithful Mr. Teddy from his safe, secure, and comfortable place.  It was nice to be greeted by an old friend. Q wanted to hear all the stories about Mr.Teddy and hold him for a minute to check him out.

    I hope you have fond memories of your lovie that you can share with someone special.

Mr. Teddy


  1. Oddly, I didn't have a lovie, but I had my cat Miss Mufett. Both my children had one and they were well loved. Good writing prompt for next week. Thanks!