Sunday, March 3, 2013

A Weekend of Firsts

     I am hoping this month will not be all about first for the family, but we are at that time in life where they are happening a lot.
    Last night, my little guy, got to sleep in this toddler bed for the first time.  To get to this point, I had a first.  Our crib was one of those convert to anything you can image, here is hoping we can make it a college tuition when the time comes.  So, it was my job to convert the crib into a toddler bed.  This was my first!  I am never the one who builds or fixes anything in this house.
    To begin my job, I made sure I had the manufacturer's directions, my iPad for YouTube directions, the right tools, all the parts, and a good sense of humor.  The most important tool I took into the room with me was the sense of humor!  It took me over an hour to take one side rail off and put on a safety rail.  I am sure my husband would have done it in 5 minutes, but it was my first.  In the end, it took me moving the base of the bed three times before I realized I never had to more it.  
   When it was time for little K to check out his new bed, he was pleasantly surprised he was free to get out as he wanted.
                  The great news was the bed was still in one piece this morning.


  1. Congratulations! Assembly (or disammbly) required is definitely not my strong suit either.

  2. Haha, it probably would have taken me even longer!

    P.S. I hope it turns into college tuition, too! :)

  3. I bet he does love that new freedom! And that it is still standing!

  4. Hooray! You did it! Hope your little guy continues to sleep well!

  5. I love that you were glad it was all in one piece :) As I said earlier, Mal has been tearing her room to shreds when she gets up...the bed may be in one piece, but what about the rest of the room!? :)