Sunday, March 24, 2013


       After 3 days of feeling awful, Q was ready to play.  His first choice was Play-Doh.  This created great excitement between the boys.  We don't get the Play-Doh out very often, but when we do it is great fun and mess.  They have so many choices of tools that I am jealous I never got to play like that as a kid.
      Today we had pizza, ice cream sundae, worms, spaghetti, a blob, balls, monsters with crazy hair, and hearts all made out of Play-Doh.  I am always amazed that they can look at this ball of color and create the greatest things out of it. 
       I provided pictures of the boys playing, but please ignore the ribs sticking out on Q.  He has not eaten but a few bites over the last few days. 

Q whipping up a delicious pizza
K creating the most wonderful "something"


  1. Great play-doh fun.

  2. Note to self, buy grandkids more Play-Doh

  3. Oh I miss play doh days! Love the stuff and I'm with you on missing out on some of the cool stuff they have now. Perhaps I should get my nephews some soon....