Saturday, March 15, 2014

A first at the carwash

Have you been in a modern carwash?  You know the one you pull in and sit as the sprayer goes around you.  This is something I do regularly.

Today, I decided my truck needed cleaning. So, I talked my hubby into stopping at the carwash. 

While at the carwash, I learned that this is a first for him.  Keep in mind we have been married for nearly eleven years and dated for four before that. Really, he has never been in an automatic carwash. 

He spent his time waiting inspecting every bit of the facility and timing the cars as they went through. Once we got into the carwash, he began sharing his wonderings.
I wonder how many RPMs the fan blower uses. 
I wonder how often they clean those fans.
I wonder what the CFM is per fan.
I wonder why they use differnt colors in the soap. 

These were not my wonderings, since I have no idea what any of this means. I was wondering how a 36 year old man has made it this long and never been in the automatic carwash. 

I loved this for two reasons.  One I never get to see this side of him and two our boys were inspecting this carwash as well. I was happy to share this first with him and excited that our boys got to see daddy's wonderings. 

Remembering this event from just an hour ago is making me smile. 


  1. This is making me smile too! He sounded just like my husband when he is talking about computers...he is a computer his knowledge goes way beyond what I know. It was nice that your sons were with you and got to experience their father doing something new. Yes, I am still smiling. Jackie

  2. Love it!! Isn't it funny after so many years there are still some "firsts" you get to experience together!?