Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Surgery Day

Today was surrey day for K.  He had his adenoids removed or androids as my phone kept autocorrecting. 

Here is a quick snippet of our day. 
5:00AM: Get up 
5:30: Get Daddy and K up
5:35: Hide any food and drinks from K
5:40: Big brother woke up worried about K and followed him around
5:45: Memaw showed up to get Q to a friends for school. Thank You Jen!
5:50: K got new pjs, coloring book, Mickey Mouse book, and bear from Bubby
6:00: Leave for the hospital 
6:30: Arrive at the hospital
6:35: First battle of the day, getting K's hospital bracket on
6:40-7:10: Battles two through 100. Sit on the bed, take your shoes off, undress, put on gown, 
     put on "Cool" hospital socks, relax in bed, keeping bracelet on.  We won six out of seven battles. 
7:00: Memaw arrived at the hospital for K 
7:00: Doctor came to visit 
7:30: Met our nurse. K automatically didn't like her, just because she was wearing scrubs. 
7:40: Met our anesthesiologist. He was great!  He came in and played with K. K liked him right away. 
7:45: Started vitals. K didn't know about this. He watched every move the nurse made, but allowed 
       her to do what she needed. Battle won. 
7:55: Anesthesiologist came to get K. He brought him a cape to fly like a superhero. 
7:58: Mommy cried as The anesthesiologist carried or flew K back the the operating room. 
7:58- 8:28- Sat in the waiting room for the longest 30 minutes, talked to the doctor and waited some 
9:00: Finally, got back to see K. When I got back to recovery, I found out amazing anesthesiologist 
        rocking with K. 
9:45: Returned to K's room, where Daddy and Memaw got to come back and see K. Meanwhile, K 
         was sound asleep. 
9:45-10:20: Continuous vitals and sleeping baby. 
10:20: Signed release paperwork and started dressing K. K finally woke up in shock. 
10:30: Headed home. K slept the whole way home. 
11:00: Daddy carried K to cuddle Mommy until 3:00. We even had to roll him over a few times, 
        because he wasn't moving. He was OUT. 
3:00: Sleeping man woke up and drank a cup if juice, made mommy draw three pictures while he 
        directed, had some applesauce. 
3:30: Yet another battle, time to take medicine. Daddy won the victory. Go Daddy!

Now watching some toons and dosing in and out cuddled up against mommy. 

The battle begins.  "No BED!"

Shoing off the backwards cape. Styling!

Letting the nurse get vitals while Memaw holds his hand. Where would we be without Memaw?

Telling the anesthesiologist that they are going to fix his nose. Rotten! 

Flying off to sugary with the AMAZING anesthesiologist. 

Cuddling with the anesthesiologist after a smooth surgery.  Yes, I had to steal K away from him. 

Cuddling with mommy in recovery. We even got to ride back to his room on the bed together. 

After getting dressed and waking up. He was wide-eyed. I'm not sure he had any idea where he was or what was happening at this point. 

Sleeping on the couch at home. 

The nurse, anesthesiologist, doctors, and volunteers were amazing with K!  I can't thank them enough for taking care of my baby!  


  1. Speedy recovery to your little super hero - and a smooth re-entry for his parents.

  2. Awww...I hope he did well this evening and I hope he feels better tomorrow!

  3. Enjoyed reading all the brief glimpses of your day. So glad everything went well. He is a cutie!