Monday, March 10, 2014

A Moment of Sunshine

We felt a moment of warmth. It actually hit the 50's today. 

When I talked about the day, I didn't have to use the word negative to explain the temperature. (Q learned about negatives this winter.  He is a pro at explaining negative numbers.)

I left my coat at home.  That's right I did not put on a coat all day. 

We created one giant sidewalk masterpiece, even though I hate chalk. (Yes, I am a teacher who hates chalk.  So, happy I have a whiteboard!)

Q and I discussed plans for this spring and summer.  (Apparently, we are going to Memaw's house EVERY day.)

Q rode his bike around the driveway. It is official he is ready to try no training wheels.  (When did he get so big?)

I refuse to look at the weather, knowing that we have yet another winter storm on its way tomorrow. 

I choose to live in this moment of warmth. 

As soon as we got outside K (the littlest one) started yelling, "Sunshine!"

Trying on the new 3-D glasses for the crazy sidewalk chalk drawing. 

Collaborating on their masterpiece. 

Q drew us a boat from the chapter book we have been reading. 

Concentrating hard on his line. 


  1. You can't imagine how much I love your photos! Sorry you don't like chalk but it looks like your kids do! Enjoy all the sun and art while it lasts. Soon we will be able to enjoy it for days on end.

  2. It's amazing how much we miss the warmth! So glad you were able to enjoy the day. Silly me, I've been so used to wearing a coat, I put it on every single time I went outside today.