Friday, March 21, 2014


After debating with myself on what to write about tonight, my youngest said, "Mommy wite MoMo."  So, here's to MoMo. 

For those of you who don't know who MoMo is, I will inform you of his importance and magic. 

We welcomed MoMo into our family during Christmas 2012. K didn't have a lovie that he was attached to at the time. He played with two toys a lot, but nothing he would be upset if lost. Santa brought a little MoMo, or Mickey Mouse to us that Christmas. Since Christmas 2012, K and MoMo have been inseparable. 

He now owns six different MoMo stuffed animals, three sets of MoMo jammies, MoMo sheets, MoMo pillow, it feels like 100's of MoMo movies, MoMo coloring books, another 100 MoMo books, and countless other random MoMo items. 

We discovered MoMo's magic last spring, when K fell and got hurt.  In the mix of tears and blood, there was no calming K down, until his brother grabbed MoMo. Once K got MoMo in his hands the tears stopped. It was like magic!  We have witnessed this many times. 

Even with six MoMo's, K still has his favorite.  Yes, we bought a second one just incase something happens to the original. 

Recently, I started planning K's third birthday. I bet you can guess what I planned.  That's right Mickey Mouse. I started second guessing my decision, until tonight. He still isn't feeling 100% after his surgery and had to have his favorite MoMo jammies. I think the MoMo party is just what he needs. 

Rockin' in his favorite MoMo jammies. 

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  1. Yeah for a MoMo party!! He is going to LOVE it!! :)