Sunday, March 23, 2014

Sick Day

Yesterday, I woke up feeling drained. I did what I could and that wasn't much. Today, when I got up, I felt worse.  My whole body aches, my throat is scratchy, and I have a cold headache. So, I decided to take the day off. Yes, it's Sunday, but I've done nothing. 

My day in review

7:30 Wake up
7:45 Feed the boys donuts
8:00 Lay down on the couch and watch cartoons with the boys
9:30 Take nap number one 
11:00 Wake up from nap for a nice soak in the jet tub
12:30 Eat a little lunch
1:00 Watch the hubby clean the kitchen (Grateful for that!)
2:00 Nap number two
3:00 Woke up and finished my book 

I am now planning nap number three.  


  1. Okay, I know you feel terrible, but there's a lot that sounds great about a day like this! (Will now be dodging lightning!) Feel better, and good luck with your plan!

  2. Oh dear...feel better soon! It sounds like you're doing your best to get the rest you need. I hope it works!!

  3. Hope you feel better soon! Glad you were able to relax, though. Hopefully it helped.