Friday, March 14, 2014

Stepping out of my comfort zone

I don't have a good view of myself.  I have struggled with this for as long as I can remember. Even though I recently lost 20 pounds, I still don't feel like I can change my wardrobe.  I am told I hide in my baggie clothes. 

So, some friends and I went on a girls weekend a few weeks ago.  While we were shopping they talked me into buying a new outfit.  This outfit was so NOT me.  The shirt was bright and the pants were tight.  I wore the outfit out that night to dinner and the comedy show, then hung it up in my closet. 

Since that weekend, they have each asked me why I haven't worn the outfit. I have tried to explain my true feelings and thoughts on why it is hanging in my closet. By coincident, last Friday, it was a topic of conversation after I sliced about being accepted for me.  I was afraid they would think I had sliced about them. 

Anyway, this morning I decided I would wear the outfit. As I got ready and left my house I was nervous. I didn't look in the mirror and even grabbed an extra outfit (just in case I could not go through with it).   When I got to my mom's to drop little man off, I asked mom and my brother (who I know will be brutally honest) what they thought of the outfit. They thought I was crazy for second guessing my outfit. Then my mom proceed in lecturing me on how I should dress like this more often and to stop hiding in my baggie clothes. 

Once I got to school, I was greeted with lots if compliments from the friends who talked my into the outfit, other collegueas, and students. I was still shocked every time someone made a comment about it. At the end of the day, a friend who would never comment on my clothes told me to stop wearing the "big" clothes and stick with this outfit. 

I am still unsure of the outfit, but maybe I will give it another try.  

That's me on the right. The other two are two wonderful women, who inspire me to grow. They are my Basty (inside joke).  I love you ladies! 


  1. Love you too, Jessica!! :) and you do look great! Maybe we need to go shopping again!? ;)

  2. I agree with Jen. I love it! I still worry a out that one slice....I was so excited to see you wearing "the outfit" today! Reading your slice made me smile because I know how difficult it was for you to step outside your comfort zone. I defintitely say we need to shop it up again soon! Love you! ❤

  3. You need a few more new outfits that fit and soon you will have a new comfort zone!

  4. So blessed to be surrounded by friends as your comfort zone shifts. This was a joy to read.