Tuesday, March 11, 2014

The excitement of new library books

 Why is it every time we go to the library, we end up reading all our books that night?

Tonight was one of those nights. We made our normal trip to the library, but it turned into an exciting visit. Today was the day Q got his very own library card. This was an exciting big step. Okay, maybe more exciting for me than him. 

Anyway, we got our normal bag full of books.  Q was excited to share his books with his brother when we picked him up from Memaw's. In the car, Q was telling K all about the books he picked out. 

Once we finished dinner, chores, and bath time it was time for reading time.  K and I read three or four books until we found his favorite book.  It was not the one I expected, but it will work.  Maybe the book will do the trick and finally get K excited about wearing Big Boy Undies. 

This was after reading the same book six times.  Every time we finished I heard, "Gain petty peas".  How could I resist that?  

Here's hoping this book does the trick. 

After my many readings of "My Big Boy Undies", it was Q's turn.  This was definitely more interesting than K's choice. 

Junie B. Jones has been a favorite of Q's for a few months. I love that he keeps going back to a series. It gets me excited that I might have a reader. It is great when he wants to talk about his books. 


  1. Love that we both sliced about books tonight. :) Q can borrow my Junie B books anytime!

  2. I love the photos and will cross my fingers on the big boy undies!

  3. Cute pictures of your little ones. Here's hoping that The Big Boy Undies book helps pave the road ahead.