Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Driving Me Up The Wall

Feeling a little anxious and annoyed today. So, I decided to share a few or maybe more than a few things that drive me up the wall.  

- People crunching their food (This is called misophonia. http://www.thekitchn.com/misophonia-the-    unbearable-loud-155746)
- Odd numbers (I don't like my volume on an odd number or my alarm. I know it's crazy.)
- Interrupting me when I am reading. (Can't you see I have a book in my hand?)
- People who flake on plans. 
- Completely fake people. (Stop acting like you care when you don't care at all.)
- Waiting at stoplights. (I know, I have to do this.)
- Straight on parking spots. (You know they drive you nuts, too.)
- People who have to sit next to me at a movie. (Why is when I go to a movie early, then it fills up and 
    the ushers make me move. Not only do I have to move, but then I have to sit beside a stranger.)
- Strangers in my personal space. (You probably got that from the previous comment.)
- Being late. (You have a clock.  USE IT!!)

I should probable stop there, before you think I'm crazy.  Maybe it's too late. Oh well...


  1. Whta a great way to deal with your frustration! I could see my students being inspired by writing like this. Do you mind if I share it?

  2. I have some of those same peeves. Especially being late. I live by the motto "If you're on time, you're late!"

  3. That's all!? There's gotta be a few more ;)

  4. This makes me laugh because so many of these are mine, too. Lunch almost killed me today, FYI. ;)

  5. What a healthy way to share those things that drive us up a wall. I think my sixth graders would love to share a list like this with each other. Great and fun idea!

  6. People who sit unnecessarily close to me in the theater and: talk, text, crunch, open candy s l o w l y, put their feet on my chair...

  7. Many of these are mine too! Thanks for the smile. May I add people who PAY to go to a movie or concert and then TALK all the way through it.