Thursday, March 20, 2014


We moved into our new house seven months ago. Since, we moved in everyone who comes to our house notices a picture on our mantle. 

No, this is not our family. 

We bought the picture frame before we had our family pictures taken, then put the frame on the mantle. 

This frame remains on our mantel with this strange family in it, because of my procrastination. 

The procrastination began because our computer wasn't working. I couldn't order the pictures.  Once the computer was fixed, I waited on a new coupon to come out to order pictures.  Now, it is just plain procrastination or laziness. 

Today, I sat with my little sick one in my lap most of the day straight across from that picture frame. I told myself a million times, order those pictures. I never did, because I didn't want to put my little man down. 

Luis, Carmen, Leo, and Tomás are starting to become part of the family.  I'm not sure I can replace them. We may need to buy a new frame. 


  1. Your writing made me laugh! I can be so bad at procrastination, too. Instead of picture frames, I have scrapbooks waiting for me to fill them with pictures.

  2. That is so funny. You may be building an attachment to this family. You might have to buy a new frame for that picture when you get around to getting your family in the frame.

  3. Ha!!!! I have been guilty if this once or twice two. :) Funny!

  4. Loved that you names them. Thanks for the chuckle.