Monday, March 3, 2014

Waiting by the phone

As I grew up, I was grandpa's favorite granddaughter. We won't talk about all of my cousins being boys. From this I had a great relationship with my grandpa. I never cared that the true reason I was his favorite was because there were no other girls. I have loved every chance I get to spend with him. 

Now that I have my own children, I have hoped they would be able to have the relationship I have with Grandpa. This past month, my mom took my youngest, K, to visit grandpa at his Florida house. While there K and Grandpa, they created an amazing bond.  They got to do all kinds of activities together.  Grandpa even began to ride in the backseat with his "Buddy" rather in the front to have a conversation with his daughter.  Grandpa took the time to teach, K, all kinds of fun things.  

Ever since K and mom got home, we have started getting a nightly phone call from Grandpa. He will politely ask how everyone is doing, then move on to his nightly conversation with his favorite two year old. 

This has become a part of our nightly routine.  Now K will get upset if he hasn't gotten his call for the day. 

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  1. I love those photos of the two of them! So sweet!