Friday, March 28, 2014

Dinner and a Good Book

Tonight, I ate my dinner in the truck along with a good book. The husband, boys and I decided to get our grocery shopping done tonight and have dinner in town. 

As we were leaving the house, the husband said he need to stop at the hardware store. I knew what this meant. I would enjoy some time to myself while daddy and the boys had their fun in the store. I grabbed my book with delight, knowing I may get some quiet to read. 

I was starving and wanted to eat right away. I was on my own, nobody else wanted to join me.  This was my chance.  I talked the husband into getting me take out Chinese before they were shopping.  

They left me in the car with my dinner and book. As I sat there eating, I wondered what people were thinking as I sat there with take out and a book in a parking lot. Oh well, I enjoyed myself!

Is it sad that this has become a common pass time for me? 


  1. Hey, if it works, do it. What better way to have some quiet time while the guys get to do their thing! Jackie

  2. Hmmm, I wonder how I could arrange such an evening? Enjoy!

  3. Any mom would look at you and think, "She is so lucky!"