Saturday, March 8, 2014

Saturday Scares!

Oh, how I love my husband....  He knows all of my fears and LOVES to exploit them.  

We have had a wonderful day as a family! We went shopping, had lunch together, played some games, and helped a friend.

We went to a friends house who needed some help with his heat. I was minding my own business reading my book, while the men were downstairs working on something.  I was really into my book and didn't realize my lovely husband had come upstairs. 

Just as my friend said my name I realized my lovely husband was standing besides me with a paper towel. Right then I knew what he was up to. 

He had a mouse!!!!!!! 

This is my fear.  My biggest fear! So, I lost my page in my book, screamed, screamed, SCREAMED,and nearly fainted!!!   I was rooted to the couch,I couldn't move. 

This was at least 10 minutes ago and my heart is still racing. 


I DO love my husband. I DO love my husband. I DO love my husband. 

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  1. Laughs, why do men get such a kick out of that stuff. Paybacks!