Wednesday, March 12, 2014

What to write?

It is day 12 and I am stuck!

I have all kinds of ideas running through my mind, but nothing will come out of my fingers. There is some kind of disconnect between what is flying through my brain and what will form on this screen. 

So, here is the random list of ideas that are flying around up top. 

- Yesterday's comments from a friends about hatred. 
- K's upcoming surgery
- Snow days
- Finishing a book
- My new book " Surviving the Angel of Death"
- Making new friends
- Decorating the house
- Habits
- Developing a backbone
- Letting go of what I can't control

Maybe tomorrow one of these ideas will form into a slice. 


  1. The word that seemed bigger than the others (for me) is decorating. I am not good at decorating, but I love reading about decorating! So, please, write a post and inspire someone like me to get on with my decorating projects.

  2. I can relate to so many of the things floating around in your brain. I have to say the hardest one for me is letting go of things I can't control. I am guessing that is a huge weakness for most people. Thanks for sharing your random thoughts. :)