Sunday, March 30, 2014


K is playing in the living room.

Q is outside with daddy. 

Daddy is cleaning the garage. 

I am enjoying the silence, cleaning veggies and fruits for the week.  

Q comes running in the house screaming, "Mommy, MOMMY, come NOW!"

I dropped the pineapple and knife and went running. Fear running through me. 

What happened?
Why is he yelling for me?
Who is hurt?
How much blood will there be?
Where is my phone to call 911?

I reach the garage with fruit all over my hands to find Q laughing.  "Mommy, daddy is hilarious!"

There's no blood, nobody is hurt, no need to run, no need to worry.  They are only playing. 

Daddy was riding the little power wheels. It was funny enough for Q to scream for me.  

Telling Q never to yell like that again, I went back to my work. 


  1. My heart was racing, too. I am sorry you were worried. :( But there is a bit of delight in Q wanting to share with you such a zany moment as Daddy riding little power wheels.

  2. I was nervous when I read this! Wondering what had happened! Thank goodness it was only fun! Please tell me there are photos that you can share at lunch! ��

  3. The funny thing is, the girls were riding in their power wheels today and I seriously was considering getting in it today!! :) glad everyone was okay :)